Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Holiday Sessions - Lots of questions answered...

I am not skinny like other girls! Well at my studio, dimensions play no part in my world of photography. I
love all girls and guys, all ages,  races and sizes!

Do I need to be experienced to come to you?  No! I prefer you to have no experience. My objective is to get the most out of each girl that comes to me

What do we do?  I take a lot of photographs with various themes, maybe in the studio, outdoors, at a railway line etc with different outfits which we chat about beforehand. We also do ramp modeling basics, how to walk the walk, turn etc.

How long are the sessions?  In the holidays I have both a one day course and a 1 week course.

I am interested ... What next?  Email me so I can give you all the details.

 How much do the sessions cost - I have various packages to suit all girls and family budgets - I never want that to be a reason not to have a new fresh face. Prices range from R120 to R1800 (thats the week course!)